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Volunteer stories – Kate

KATE has owned a house in the village for 6 years, but only moved in full-time about a year ago. She’d eaten at the pre-village-owned pub a couple of times, but it was clear it was a struggling business. I asked her why she got involved…

“We dKate Spicerrove up from Hornchurch just to go to the first Save The Case meeting – we knew we wanted to be a part of the pub.

The village needs a pub! We wanted somewhere to be social, to meet the locals and get to know them, and somewhere to bring friends and family.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to volunteer as a gardener – it takes up too much time – so going behind the bar is perfect. I get to meet more people that way, and have a laugh. It gives me contacts in the village that I’d never get otherwise. I will also be volunteering in the shop – better than sitting in front of the TV!

I think everyone should give volunteering a try! There’s so many people who will give you a hand, and nobody is judgemental.

I can only volunteer during the school holidays, but I’d have felt guilty if I didn’t do what I can – so many people have put a lot of effort in. They deserve as many people as possible to back them up!”