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Volunteer stories – Diane

DianeDIANE moved to the village in 1971, when she got married. I asked her about her experiences with the pub…

We used to use the pub most Thursday nights, meeting the in-laws in the back room. Of course I knew a lot of people in the village – school people, and the neighbours – but I know a lot more now! It has been lovely to renew friendships with parents and children that I used to see taking my children to Bentley school. Now I am serving them in the Case.

I signed up as a volunteer about 6 months after we opened up. There was a summer recruitment drive; it seemed fun to do, and I’d never done anything like it before! Now I quite like pulling pints. It’s easier than someone wanting spirits and a mixer!

I generally do a shift on Sundays. It’s a lovely family day; you can talk to everyone, and have a bit of banter.

Volunteering really is great fun!